Lord of Life Center for Child Development

Our Christian center encourages a rich learning environment that fosters a child's growth and full potential. Lord of Life Center for Child Development is a reputable childcare provider in San Antonio, Texas. We encourage a rich learning environment that recognizes that all children are unique and develop at their own pace and according to their interests and abilities. The support, guidance, and encouragement of the parents and our childcare providers allow the children to develop self-confidence and self-awareness, form meaningful friendships, reach their full potential, and prepare them for the big school setting. Our Christian center promotes indoor and outdoor activities that provide hands-on experience, exploration, and experimentation for children.

kid playin a rocket toy

What We Do Our Mission Statement

At Lord of Life Center for Child Development, we believe the purpose of our Christian Center is to assist the parents in the development of the whole child. The parents and teachers are partners in providing the optimal environment to enhance the natural curiosity and desire to learn inherent in each child. Learning about God, self, others, and God's world around us should be the most exciting and worthwhile experience to be had. It begins at birth and should continue for a lifetime. At our center, situations are provided to help the child prepare to make social, emotional, cognitive, and physical adjustments in life. We believe children learn best from their own experiences in a learning center environment. Teachers will help promote self-awareness and perceptual motor skills through planned, child-directed activities in which to give children the hands-on experiences they need for total growth and development.

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What We Envision Our Vision Statement

We envision becoming the leading childcare provider in Texas and beyond, emphasizing a child's total growth and development. As a Christian center, we provide a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment that promotes exploration, self-discovery, and good values and unleashes a child's full potential, which will help them in the future.